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Experience Life magazine is dedicated to helping its readers live and sustain healthy lives. The magazine provides articles about fitness, nutrition, quality of life, and general health and wellness.

Experience Life magazine is known well for the articles on fitness and nutrition that each issue contains. The magazines writers provide guides for home workouts that utilize equipment like medicine balls that readers might have around the house. Experience Life features stories written by people who have competed in marathons and triathlons about their fitness and training routines. Also featured in the magazine are recipes and guides to help readers come up with healthy dishes to serve at home.

Readers of Experience Life are treated to articles about quality of life and general health issues. One article looks at the connections between the ways we dress and the ways we feel about our bodies. Another entry takes a scientific approach in exploring the ways in which fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, impacts the health of human beings. Many of the writers at Experience Life write about the causes of stress, something that impacts the health of human beings tremendously, and the ways in which stress can be reduced and coped with.

A subscription to Experience Life makes a great gift for anyone who is conscious of their health decisions or is striving to be. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew your Experience Life magazine subscription.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars based on 5 reviews
Review Title: Experience Life
Reviewed by: Rev. J

Dynamic, progressive, informative, cutting edge

Review Title: Experience life
Reviewed by: Silverfun

I discovered the magazine in my chiropractors office and find it to be the best of its category. Most health magazines seem to target the younger 20-40 age group or have information that we have seen over and over. I find your articles to be informative and helpful. Most people who would subscribe have a basic understanding of healthy living and articles do not need to be dummied down or repetitive. Good work

Review Title: Experience Life
Reviewed by: Sandy

Great magazine done with integrity.

Review Title: Excellent!!
Reviewed by: Sandy

Love the magazine!! Love the articles!! Can hardly wait for the next issue!! Thanks

Review Title: Great Magazine
Reviewed by: Renee

I had to write to tell you how much I enjoy your magazine. The amazing thing about this is that you are the only magazine that has ever captured my attention. I have always valued health and exercise, and at age 40, I have gained an interest in a more comprehensive understanding of good food and exercise so I can teach my children to live a healthy life. I even share your articles with others that can appreciate them. Thanks for being able to do what no other magazine has done!

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