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About Firearms News Magazine:

Firearms News Magazine is an American shooting sports and firearms interest magazine. Each issue contains reviews of guns and popular gun accessories, articles about the history of firearms, and columns written by gun owners about their experiences. The magazine also contains informative advertisements for gun manufacturers.

Firearms News is known mainly for its extensive firearm reviews. Each issue offers a front-cover, featured review of a firearm that is either new or growing in popularity. All types of firearms have been featured, including handguns, rifles, and automatic weapons. Firearms news also provides reviews of firearm accessories and upgrades. Readers consult the magazine before buying accessories like triggers, silencers, and scopes for their weapons.

Readers of Firearms news Magazine are treated to articles about the history of firearms. One recent article chronicles the history of the revolver, which was used by Imperial Russia and later the Soviet Union for over fifty years. The article goes into detail about how the revolver was used, how it worked, and why it was eventually replaced by the autoloader.

Firearms news Magazine features columns written by gun owners about their own experiences with firearms. One column titled Ask the Gunsmith is aimed at amateur gun makers who are looking to learn more about their craft. The magazine also offers articles dealing with modern gun culture and the politics surrounding it, such as the current debates about gun control and gun safety.

A subscription to Firearms news Magazine makes a great gift for anyone who owns, collects, or enjoys shooting guns. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Firearms news.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars based on 5 reviews
Review Title: Gun parts and info-- Shotgun News
Reviewed by: Brud

I am 80 years old and am a old subscriber to Shotgun News, For news , info., interesting articles, parts and etc., I think it's great, always has something of interest, I plan on always having Shotgun News, can't do without it !!!! If you like guns, you'll enjoy this magazine without a doubt !!!

Review Title: AWESOME
Reviewed by: Jdkidd45

GREAT MADAZINE and been reading for several years and will continue!!!!!!!!

Review Title: Sure shot
Reviewed by: Bob

it is the best gun magazine i have found, i look forward to it being in my mail box every 10 day'sit's got information on new gun's old gun's & veryold gun's great article's on all of them also cover's air gun's & air soft, i feel sooner or later anything i wanted to know will show up in this magazine.

Review Title: SUPER
Reviewed by: Flash

Good product reviews, informative articles and an invaluable resource for parts and accessories.

Review Title: GREAT
Reviewed by: Klown

This is a great magazine,well actually it seems more like an actual news paper. They have great articles that have answered questions that I had also wondered myself. and the ads arent like other magazines where it shows just one product and doesnt give a price, they have lists of items you can buy. So far because of SGN I have found and bought great deals on firearms. all in all i would say its one of the best gun magazines out there.

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