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Highlights for Children is an American magazine published for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Included in the magazine are stories and articles that are sure to stimulate readers curiosities, games and puzzles, and science experiments and other interactive projects.

Highlights for Children is known well for publishing stories and articles that are sure to stimulate young readers curiosities. Within the space of one issue, children can learn about world history, read a fictional story, and more. Passages are written as to encourage children to practice crucial reading skills, while keeping them engaged and turning those pages.

Each issue of Highlights for Children contains games and puzzles that vary from month to month, from crosswords and word searches to hilarious riddles. A favorite among readers are the magazines Hidden Pictures scenes, which require readers to scan through the magazine to find hidden clues and characters.

Readers of Highlights for Children are treated to science experiments and other interactive projects. Why read about the changing of seasons in a textbook when they might go outside and see it for themselves, documenting what they see? Craft projects are often included, such as one leading up to Mothers Day inviting readers to create customized photo frames for Mom.

A subscription to Highlights for Children makes a great gift for any child between the ages of 6 and 12 who is energetic and curious about the world. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Highlights for Children.

Overall Rating: 4.9 Stars based on 16 reviews
Review Title: Highlights
Reviewed by: C

I read these, when I was young and I ordered for my 8 yr. old grandson who loves them.

Review Title: Highlishts for Children (age 3)
Reviewed by: Nancy

My 4 children and now 10 grands have all looked forward the arrival of the Highlights magazine. Find the Hidden pictures always was first to be completed. The delightful age appropriate stories & activities were fun for the kids & mom. A great way to share some time interacting together.

Review Title: Highlights Magazine
Reviewed by: GrandmaJill

I subscribed to this magazine for my Grandson, who lives in another state. It has been very helpful in his school projects as well as his enjoyment with the games, articles, etc. The magazine is well worth the price and knowing the satisfaction it brings to my grandson.

Review Title: Highlights and Highfive
Reviewed by: Susan

I subscripted to both Hightlights and Highfive magazine for my grandsons. One six and one eight. The feedback I have gotten from them is how much they enjoy the articles and games. Also, they both enjoy getting their own mail. Thank you for providing such an positive part of their development.

Review Title: A Christmas Gift that lasts a YEAR
Reviewed by: 4walls

My 5 granddaughters have grown up with the Highlights Magazines. These are great magazines for learning & for education . There are so many nice stories and puzzles and crafts to do. When given as a Christmas or birthday gift it's a gift that lasts a year!! Children love getting mail that has their name on it!! When the great grands come in to the picture, they will receive the Highlights too!!

Review Title: Highlights Review
Reviewed by: TMS

My son enjoys this activity magazine, especially the find it pages and other similar activities.

Review Title: Highlights magazine
Reviewed by: Deb

Remembering how much my sister and I enjoyed Highlights when we were young, and how much my girls enjoyed Highlights when they were young, we have subscribed to Highlights for our grandchildren. They enjoyed the same things that we older people once enjoyed: the short stories and article, the activities, nd , most of all, the hidden pictures!

Review Title: Highlights Magazine
Reviewed by: Nana Rose

Both of my granchildren are enjoying this wonderful magazine. It is fun and they enjoy receiving their own mail! I subscribed to Highlights when my own children were young and they remember getting them and how much they enjoyed them. Thank you for such a wonderfully written magazine!

Review Title: Mrs
Reviewed by: Humera

I purchased this subscription for my two children ages 11 and 9It is awesome and they love it5 stars!!

Review Title: Love it
Reviewed by: Rebecca

We love this magazine! It is something fun and educational that my daughter and I enjoy doing together!

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