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Motorcyclist is an American magazine that is dedicated to motorcycles and riding. The magazine publishes exclusive first rides of new bikes, comparison results between similar bikes, and features on the history of motorcycles and riding in general.

Motorcyclist is known well for publishing exclusive first rides of new popular bikes. The magazines experts take first looks at motorcycles from all major manufacturers that are to be released in the coming months. One recent issue reviews the SC3 Adventure Sportster from Carducci Dual Sport along with the 2014 Indian Chief from Indian Motorcycle, a classic bike. These expertly written reviews cover everything from style to performance and are extremely detailed.

Each issue of Motorcyclist contains comparison results between similar bikes. For example, one recent issue pits a new sports bike from Honda against a comparable model from Kawasaki to see which bike can attain high speeds more quickly. Many of the comparison pieces focus on speed and performance, but some will focus on other aspects such as value and practicality.

Readers of Motorcyclist are treated to features on the history of motorcycles and riding in general. One writer sits down with Miguel Galluzzi, designer of the Ducati Monster, to discuss his career and the inspiration behind Ducatis groundbreaking motorcycle. Another writer provides advice for readers who ride with large groups of people, offering tips on keeping safe and out of the way of cars, deer, and other possible dangers.

A subscription to Motorcyclist makes a great gift for anyone who owns a motorcycle and is interested in the culture of riding. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Motorcyclist.

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars based on 2 reviews
Review Title: Love new format, content less so
Reviewed by: Dave

I wanted to say I like the new format, it seems clearer and I fully agree with Marc Cook's comment that you like stories with content. How about something like a 12-part project bike, a bobber or something, that gets a how-to/what-did on the month's work. Maybe have that take the place of just 5% of the racing stuff. I'm a rider of 44 years experience (and 63 years of life) and racing just doesn't interest me much. Bikes and gear that I can buy are what I like. Just my two cents. Keep the humor and I can live with whatever. Cheers.

Review Title: Cater to sport bikes
Reviewed by: Victor

As a motorcycle enthusiasts I am aware that there are many flavors of motorcycle lovers as they are magazine titles. Motorcyclist magazine is a magazine that caters to an audience of sports bike lovers. I had a subscription a couple of years back I actually found this magazine very entertaining and informative.

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