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Reason, whose slogan is Free Minds and Free Markets, is an American magazine published for a libertarian audience. Included in the magazine is news coverage of political events in the United States, opinion pieces written from a libertarian perspective, and information on political candidates and office holders who identify as libertarian and their efforts to pass legislation.

Reason is known well for publishing news coverage of political events in the United States. This coverage includes events at the federal level, as well as elections and legislative efforts at the state and county level that some would argue are just as important.

Each issue of Reason contains opinion pieces written from a libertarian perspective. One recently published issue focuses on advertisements or propaganda surrounding the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, and ways in which the law might be at odds with principles of free market capitalism. Other stories focus on anything from the push to legalize marijuana to privacy and other rights of the individual.

Readers of Reason are treated to information on political candidates and office holders who identify as libertarian and their efforts to pass legislation. With this information, readers can support those who hold similar values and beliefs.

A subscription to Reason makes a great gift for any American man or woman who identifies as libertarian. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Reason.

Overall Rating: 4.7 Stars based on 3 reviews
Review Title: Now More Than Ever
Reviewed by: CathiS

I look forward to and enjoy my Reason subscription. This, together with The Independents and Stossel gave me satisfaction that the Libertarian viewpoint was being heard. Then Matt Welsh and company (The Independents) disappeared from Fox. I hadn't realized until they were gone how much I looked forward to their points of view. We still have Stossel and I still have Reason. Hope Mr. Welch and the very articulate Kmele Foster will show up soon in another liberty leaning format on TV. I value my Reason magazine now more than ever.

Review Title: Free Minds
Reviewed by: GordonJ

Reason Magazine confirms intuitions I have about issues of free trade and individual Natural Liberty that I've developed as a personal part of my identity.

Review Title: Learn Something Every Issue
Reviewed by: Ryan L Porter

This is an amazing magazine for people who enjoy smart coverage of current events without any bias from the right or the left winged individuals. There is a balance of all views and all the articles are really well written. Even if you dont totally agree with the viewpoint of certain articles you will always learn something in every issue of this magazine.

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