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About Western Horseman Magazine:

Western Horseman is a magazine that is devoted to horses and Western style riding. The magazine mainly features articles on horsemanship, ranching, and riding equipment.

Western Horseman Magazine is known well for publishing articles on horsemanship. The magazines experts have proven themselves in a number of professional riding and roping competitions, and they share with readers their different approaches to riding and training horses. One of these experts, Buster McLaury, shares his technique for tailoring horses training plans to their individual personalities, one that has proven to be effective.

Readers of Western Horseman Magazine are treated to articles on ranching. One recent issue tracks the journey of four men who embrace the pioneer lifestyle by attempting a cross-country pack trip on four recently trained Mustangs, filming their journey along the way. One entry appearing in the column called Women of the West tells the story of Liza Jane Nichols, a fourth-generation rancher who has overcome many challenges to keep her familys cattle operation running strong.

Each issue of Western Horseman contains articles on riding equipment and gear. An article titled Form, Fit, and Function fills readers in on anything they might want to know about how a saddle should feel and operate. Many articles offer advice to readers in the market for horse trailers who are unsure of exactly which types of trailer will fit their needs.

Western Horseman Magazine Subscription:

A subscription to Western Horseman Magazine makes a great gift for anyone who loves riding horses, especially if they enjoy Western style riding. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Western Horseman.

Overall Rating: 4.3 Stars based on 7 reviews
Review Title: Mr. Donald Marr
Reviewed by: Don

I enjoy my Magazine Western Horseman. I used to get years ago, but couldn't find it for a long time.

Review Title: Enjoy
Reviewed by: JART

Look forward to every issue Have subscribed for 35 years

Review Title: Western Horesman
Reviewed by: None

My husband has been reading this magazine for65 years. and he has most of them to this day.He loves this magazine.

Review Title: Great magazine
Reviewed by: None

I always read it from cover to cover and anxious for the next issue. It helps me escape from my dayly job environment and responsibilities.

Review Title: Western Horseman
Reviewed by: Ron

Totally enjoy the magazine. Would recommend it to all horse people.

Review Title: Articles
Reviewed by: Jim

I've been reading this mag. for over 40 years and have enjoyed most of what's been written. The writing of late has gotten so much more fluffy than I care to read. If if wanted to get a feminine perspective, I would be buying one of the mags. written for women, by women. This not to say that the women who are writing these articles have done a bad job, and that the articles don't have merit, it's me saying that after reading one, I can tell it was written by a woman. Please don't take this wrong, but I'd be willing to bet your mag. is read by more men than women and from the # of articles written by women in the Feb. issue you would think that the name should be Vogue not Western Horseman. Butch it up a little!

Review Title: The Best Horse Magazine!
Reviewed by: Jimmy B. Veasey

I love this magazine, it is so relevant and interesting regarding horses. You can't beat the price! The magazine is chock full of information about western stock horse disciplines. The articles are basic and well written. I recommend this to everyone interested in the western horsemen.

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