FamilyFun Magazine Customer Reviews

Family Fun
Reviewed by: Brutal brutus

this was a gift to my daughter, she likes the many ideas

Familly Fun
Reviewed by: Margie

I bought this for my daughter and grandsons, they have already used a couple of the craft ideas in the magazine. I had a subscription when my children were young and loved it.

Family Fun
Reviewed by: Lincoln Queen

I purchased this magazine for my daughter & her family. They are always doing crafty things & this magazine has come in quite handy.

Family Fun
Reviewed by: Sueysue

I love that the crafts are quick and easy to do, not requiring a bunch of unusual things to buy. I'm a little disappointed in the size of the magazine - I rememb3er it having many more articles. But I'm sure it's due to the economy. Otherwise, I love it.

Love It!!!
Reviewed by: Roxsy

Have been getting Family Fun magazine for about ten years and have enjoyed every one of the magazine I get. I look forward to the next months magazine and do many of the crafts in them.

Family Fun
Reviewed by: Bob

I'm really pleased with my subscription

I Like the magazine; it gives me a lot of

ideas of things to do.

Tearing Good Fun
Reviewed by: Alice

Each time I get a FamilyFun magazine, I tear it apart. I file the pages I save in file folders of various categories: Indoor Crafts, Outdoor Fun, Tips, Recipes, etc. My sister-in-law saw me filing and said, "Why do you save all those; do you ever use them?" I said, "I used 3 ideas last time I babysat the grandsons and we had a wonderful time!" You have so many wonderful things to do that I save far too many pages! Alice

Great Buy
Reviewed by: Mr Jones

Ever since I subscribed to this magazine weve been having loads of fun. Its got great suggestions for family activities that really help us bond.Every time a new issue gets here i flip through it and find something we would all like to do and then make plans.I highly recommend this magazine to anyone with a family of their own.

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