Hot Rod Magazine Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Reviewed by: Brent

Very enjoyable magazine. Best one I have found.

Hot Rod
Reviewed by: Nonni

I bought this for my 4 year old grandson, he is an absolute riot, when he receives the magazine he sits on the couch and reads it cover to cover. His collection of Hot Rod miniatures is mind blowing. He will be a fan for life.
Great resource and always entertaining.

Reviewed by: Chris

Great magazine!

Always Something New
Reviewed by: '34 Ford Guy

Hot Rod magazine has been the gold standard for hot rod enthusiasts for decades. Articles are always fresh, insightful, and educational for those of us wanting to stay abreast of changes in hot rod styles, new and emerging design concepts, and performance upgrades, both budget-minded and open-ended. Cover-to-cover with every issue.

Great Mag
Reviewed by: Richard

I have enjoyed Hot Rod for years. The editors seem to think the same way I do, every car in the magazine doesn`t have to be a big dollar show car. All American metal also, not foreign garbage. Useful do it yourself articles that I don`t have to be a master mechanic to understand. Thanks for a great magazine!

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