MAD Magazine Customer Reviews

Great Magazine
Reviewed by: Sue98

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my grandson and he absolutely loves this. He can't wait to receive his copy and reads it cover to cover every time. Thank you.

Reviewed by: Bribri

I buy the Mad magazine every year for my 15 year old grandson . Renew it on his Birthday. He loves it.

I'm A Grandma And It Still Makes Me Laugh!
Reviewed by: Janny

Decided to subscribe after the Charlie Hebdo attack in France. In any free society, satire, humor and comics are needed and must be allowed to exist - I want to support that premise. I adored MAD as a kid and haven't picked it up since I got out of college. Am now a grandmother and when I opened it after so many years I was not disappointed - I inhaled it. loved it and was relieved to know that it STILL made me laugh , even as a "senior" citizen. I then passed it on to my 13-year-old grandson who was ecstatic - he has a weird sense of humor too - I'm so proud of him!

Mad Magizine
Reviewed by: Dave in Texas

Great magazine. Been reading it for years and will continue doing so.

Mad Magazine
Reviewed by: Crazy al from da bronx

I have been reading this dreck of a magazine for over 200 years and it is still the best one out there. No one comes close. Keep up the rotten work you all do.

Still A Grat Magazine
Reviewed by: AmandaH

great magazine. Still enjoying it.

Mad Magazine
Reviewed by: Broonat

Great magazine. Looking forward to more issues. Thank you for being in business Magazine Discount.

Great Love It!!!
Reviewed by: Dewainscott

Great magazine.Really enjoying it.

Best Mag Ever
Reviewed by: Bronxboy

I have been reading this trash for over 40 years and it is the best magazine out there for comedy and parody. It always makes me laugh and keeps me a good mood.

It's All Their Fault!
Reviewed by: JohnL

Mad Magazine is responsible for my sick sense of humor. It is the one blemish that has marred my otherwise perfect social skills. Shame on you, Alfred!

Funny And Edgy
Reviewed by: Devote Reader

I've been reading MAD every since I was a little boy, and I love it even more now. I love how I understand the political undertones and find them very humorous and smart. The writers are witty and I am always left wanting more! Can't wait for the next issue!

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