The Atlantic Magazine Customer Reviews

The Atlantic
Reviewed by: Jenn

Love The Atlantic. One of the few magazines I read. I enjoy Foreign Policy and the New Republic. The Atlantic is not as academic as FP. Great long ledes

Superb Publication
Reviewed by: Andy

The Atlantic is the best periodical in circulation today. The articles are exceptionally well researched, well written and thought provoking.

At Last....
Reviewed by: Thinker

While waiting for a dental checkup, I filed through piles of outdated timewasters that told me who wore the wrong dress to the Oscars and which actor had just been arrested for inappropriate behavior. Then at the bottom of the stack I found The Atlantic. About time I found something worth reading. I ordered the subscription and now I await its arrival each month. It is so filled with INTERESTING, thought-provoking stories to spark brain cells that it takes me days to read the whole magazine. And now my husband started reading it too and he agrees. It's the best out there.

Get Ready To Be Challenged And Enjoy It!
Reviewed by: Billy A. Wynkoop

This magazine is an interesting read that does not shy away from challenging popular belief. But thats what keeps it so interesting. Every article has substance and even if it is on a subject I don't particularly find intriguing, after reading the article on it I still feel satisfied.

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