Vegetarian Times Magazine Customer Reviews

Love Your Magazine!
Reviewed by: Susan Sunset

As a vegetarian of over forty two years I am always inspired by other vegetarians. I love your photos and simple recipes. I work as a realtor during the day and when I come home at night I need something simple, delicious and nutritious to eat and to feed my husband. Your magazine, your articles and your many photographs have inspired me to eat healthier, remind me that other people do it too and that it's not that hard! There are many ways you have inspired me to cook that I hadn't even thought of! Thank you!

Great For Non Vegetarians Too
Reviewed by: Maria Mert

When my daughter decided she was becoming a vegetarian, I thought this is going to be tough. II make dinner almost every night, and coming from an italian background Meat is usually a main dish. My daughter subscribed to this magazine and on occasion I used to pick it up and flip through. To my surprise...I LOVE IT. Don't get me wrong Im not giving up meat any time soon, but it has taught me so much about the vegetarian lifestyle, and also this magazine has given me GREAT ideas on how to cook veggies in different fun and yummy ways.

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