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Help To Stay Healthy
Reviewed by: Bill

I have subscribed to Consumers on Health for many years. After reading it for a while, I quit all other health letters as this one covered all the things I was interested in and I found it very helpful.I am 86 yrs. old, so most of the information may not apply or it is some that I have been exposed to previously, but reminders are important. I highly reccommend it.

Reviewed by: Jonesy

I receive 6 health mags. Harvard Heart, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Health after 50,John Hopkins and yours. You all give me info and I can't like one more than another. Keep up the good work. An article on grapefruit and satins and other meds would me of value to me. I love grapefruit. Didn't have any for 14 years and now I have it in the A.M. and take Crestor at night. Is that OK---I was told it was.

On Health Magazine Written By Consumer Reports
Reviewed by: Educatorsusan

Dietary training or medical background is not needed to understand what is good for you and your body. The information is concise and informative, always up-to date and contains very useful and relevant information to use in your everyday life! The articles are written so that anyone is able to understand the message conveyed.

Dont Have To Be A Dietitian To Enjoy
Reviewed by: Sammy m

You don't have to be a doctor to enjoy this magazine. I have no dietary training or background and have learned so much from this magazine.the information is informative and up-to date and definitely a must if you enjoy health magazines with a huge amount of useful information.