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Other Cook's Illustrated Magazine Reviews:
Cooks Illustrated
Reviewed by: Bethsgirl

I love this magazine, no ads and a lot of hints that I never knew, great recipes with step by step directions. Substitutions for some ingredients that you might not have. Wonderful! I have given 2 gifts of this magazine, and will give more as I learn who would appreciate it!

Cooks Illustrated
Reviewed by: Nell

i look forward to this magazine coming...wish it was every month. it is my favorite magazine...the information it provides is endless. i love this magazine. i have canceled all other magazines...this is the only one i receive!

Cook's Illustrated Review
Reviewed by: Hobbit

This is the most fabulous magazine that any cook could want or use. Filled with incredible information that would appeal to any level cook. I often give this magazine as a gift so that other cooks that I know can marvel with delight when they receive their subscription.

Thank You
Reviewed by: Linda

This was a surprise gift from my husband and he did it right this time!
I'm only on my 2nd issue and I am loving it! I may never make most of the recipes but I love how much I am learning.
I especially love that I am not told to run out to buy another $$$$$$$$$ device. You just instructed me in another way parchment paper is my friend.
Thank you.

Inspiring And Informative
Reviewed by: Livermojo

I devour every issue I receive. Enjoy the product reviews and hints that make cooking and prep easier. The scientific information and testing with various temperatures or techniques are so useful, resulting in a perfect outcome if I follow the directions.

Reviewed by: Nan

Love this magazine! Got my friend one also. It is very informative. If you are a young cook it is really good check it out!

Cooks Illustrated
Reviewed by: Simmisagely

It's a great magazine, recipes and techniqes

Reviewed by: Carol

Great magazine. I love the cooking tips and use them often. Recipes are usually very good and most are easy and quick.

Anyone Can Cook!
Reviewed by: Mimilittlemom

Cook's magazine gives anyone the step by step directions to be a great cook! I love the detailed explanation about recipes and the ongoing trials to make them perfect. They have great recommendations for ingredient choices and cookware. I save all of my issues to reference at later dates. Happy Cooking!

My Review
Reviewed by: Kenny

Great, detailed magazine for cooks and people wanting to learn how to cook. I got it for my Mom and she loves it! She always tells me new tips and recipes she learns from the magazine.. Oh, and the testing of different products is so
essential when going to the grocery store. Keep up the good work Cook's

Coated, Non-stick Skillets
Reviewed by: Bobwhan

Something like ten years ago, on the say-so of Cook's Illustrated, I purchased a set of coated frying pans (Farberware Millenium) that were recommended in the magazine. They have been terrific, but by now are getting a bit scratched and worn. Now that there are many types of coating and still more brands), maybe Cook's Illustrated might consider a full article testing some of them. I am particularly interested in the ceramic coatings that sound wonderful in their ads. Bobwhan

Learn Something New With Each Edition
Reviewed by: Cherylsa

I love getting "Cook's Illustrated" and always share them with a friend. My friend is an avid cook and we have long discussions on the articles we like best and why. This year I'm treating her to a gift subscription of her own.

Never Give It Up
Reviewed by: Cookie

I have had a subscription to cooks illustrated for nine years. I will never stop getting it. I love it. I was a very hood cook before, but it's made me a great cook. The pot roast, ultimate chocolate chip cookies, and pasta al limone are absolutely the best. Total family favorites!

Every Cook Should Have This
Reviewed by: Monica

I enjoy Cook's Illustrated because it tells a story of how the recipe evolved. Every recipe I've tried came out just as Cook's said it would. It totally changed the way I oven bake a whole chicken...delicious!

A Treat Every Issue
Reviewed by: Shirley

I love being able to trust recipes that have been tested, refined and proven. There are always a few recipes in every issue that we try right away. The recipes are not hard nor expensive. The instructions are clear. The photographs are so inviting and I love the font. My favorite magazine.

Love It!
Reviewed by: Mtchrista

I have subscribed for years, if only able to pick 1 mag ever this would be it! Great for cooks of all levels!

Love It!
Reviewed by: Vickie

My whole family has enjoyed the recipes I have tried so far. I enjoy reading the magazine. I have been cooking for 40 years and learn something new with every issue

Cooks Illustrated
Reviewed by: Fluffer

Wonderful magazine full of simple receipes love the science of cooking Have given gift subscriptions to family members and also love the receipes for gluten free meals

Great Mag
Reviewed by: Terri

your mag is great it would be better if it had punch holes like cuisine so it can be easily keep together

Best Magazine EVER
Reviewed by: Mary

I only subscribe to one magazine and this is it! I can't sing its praises loud enough. It has me excited about cooking again, and has taught me so much. Thank you Cooks Illustrated!!! The best cooking magazine ever!

Helped Me Learn To Cook!
Reviewed by: Kendra L

This magazine is the best cooking magazine I have every subscribed to. The recipees, tips, and overall advice given inthismagazine is a step above the rest. I started reading this magazine completely inept in cooking, now I feel like I have all the basics down and will/ have learned so much from thismagazine alone. it makes me look forward to cooking rather than dread it!