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Best Magazine I Read
Reviewed by: Hatlady

I have read Fast Company for many years and it is....hands down....the best magazine I read (and I read a lot of them). I read it cover to cover, usually the day I get it. Not only are the features current and insightful, but the recommended apps, books, etc. are one of my favorite sections. You don't really know the background of what's going on in Silicon Valley and Hollywood unless you are reading FAST COMPANY, even though I worked in the industry for many years.

Fast Company Magazine
Reviewed by: Mooney

I've subscribed to Fast Company for years -- and it keeps getting better. It's so much more than a business magazine. It keeps me connected and up-to-date on all the best innovators and innovations constantly rippling through our culture.

A Revelation
Reviewed by: Steve

The recent in-depth articles on AMAZON, LEGO, and the stuff in our5 stomach's were well researched and very informative.

The whole February issue was well worth reading; cover to cover.

Hope For The Common Good
Reviewed by: Byron

Fast Company keeps me thinking about the great impact that business has on our world. It gives me hope that tomorrow can be better because brilliant, persistent, common people are concerned with the common good and coming up with ideas to solve our problems through sustainable business solutions.

Great Bang For Your Buck
Reviewed by: Dean

This magazine is transcendental! Covers the most up and coming technology and ideas in the business world. The price is great and the magazine is superb!