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Reviewed by: Barb

enjoy people magazine very much, I look forward to getting it every week. It has great articles which keep me up to date on movies & television. Would be lost without it!

Reviewed by: Vern

Each week when I receive People, I immediately "make" time to read it from cover to cover. I look forward to this time, because I feel like it enhances my knowledge about the people I hear about on the news, read about in the papers and see on TV and in the movies. Thank you!

Reviewed by: Fred

My wife and I enjoy People magazine

Great Magazine
Reviewed by: Cindy

This issue as well as all issues are entertaining. I look forward to my subscription each week

People Mag - The Best!
Reviewed by: Dianne

Love it and read it from cover to cover the minute I receive it in the mail!!

People Magazine Fan!
Reviewed by: Allison Panerz

My favorite thing in the world is sitting around on a rainy day and reading People Magazine. Its by far and away the most entertaining magazine out there - filled with gossip and relevant information. Definitely my fav!

Cant Picture Life Without It.
Reviewed by: Paulina

Life without People magazine is simply boring, this magazine really keeps me informed on all the hottest and latest celebrity info. This magazine is definitely a great magazine to subscribe to, one of the few magazines that actually spices things up with all the gossip and photos.